Tuesday Tip by Dr. Marsha Mullett

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18, KJV As we have conversations with our doctors, in both training and consulting situations, the power of having a Vision Statement is evident. We hear testimonial after testimonial about the following actions: Writing a Vision Statement is the first key to reducing chaos and stress within the practice. That is why it is the first key activity for our clients in Leadership One workshop. Doctors tell us that just the act of clarifying and writing their thoughts in regard to formulating their vision for their practice is a life-changing activity. Once it is written and meditated upon,…
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6 Tips to Increase Treatment Acceptance by Kristine Hodsdon

I often hear, “I didn’t like selling”, “I don’t like being pushy” or “I don’t like feeling like I am manipulating my patients.” What follows is, “I want to learn how to have conversations with patients without losing my integrity, and allows me to be “naturally” whom I am. Here’s an insight I want to share. If you want to provide more care, increase treatment acceptance and be in service to your patients, then you have to align your entire practice and team (business) to inspire your patients to say YES to themselves. This is huge, so I need to repeat this. The art of increasing treatment…
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Tuesday Tip by Dr. Wayne Pernell

Hosed up about “selling?” It’s a common theme that we hear year round, “I don’t want to sell dentistry.” That’s a good thing, because no one wants to be “sold to” either. What any consumer/customer/patient does want is to be informed and, they want to believe you. I just attended a conference where several speakers were selling their products and services. The truth is that the products and services would very likely help 100% of the audience members. My guess is that, at the low end, only 15% or so went for an offer, while at the high end, a clear majority of the audience clamored for…
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