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Smart Marketing Solutions

Smart Marketing Solutions:

A Dentist's Playbook for Attracting New Patients in the Digital Marketing Landscape

In today’s challenging, competitive environment the key to optimal new patient flow and continued practice health is making wise marketing decisions. This groundbreaking educational course is designed to help dentists and their teams fully understand, embrace and implement effectively the growing list of sometimes confusing marketing strategies.

Today’s formula for customized, marketing success combines traditional and new, proven e-strategies (not silver bullet, snake-oil sales strategies) including website, social media, SEO and online reputation management.

Every team member and dentist must be educated in order to maximize your marketing ROI.

Therefore it is a MUST to learn new techniques to:

  • Market the practice effectively (traditional, internet and community outreach) in order to increase new patient flow in any and all economies
  • Integrate website MUSTS that attract and engage new patients and creates a community with on-going online communication
  • Deal with online reviews (both positive and negative) in a way that forwards the practices vision and goals
  • Remove the mystery of Social Media and truly create a community of loyal, committed patients who act as ambassadors to your care.
  • Enhance your team’s role as practice “MARKETEERS” personifying your brand identity and increasing new patient procurement with their efforts

Future focused dental practices have alignment in their Brand Promise, Brand Personality and a cohesive strategy that creates engagement, awareness and commitment! By participating in this one day seminar, you and your team will walk away with an achievable, customized action plan that increases new patient flow therefore providing the practice with immediate benefits and results.

This breakthrough seminar is facilitated by Laura J Nadler, Senior Marketing Specialist and Trainer

Participants in this lecture course receive 7 hours of continuing education credit from the Academy of General Dentistry.


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My work with Pride Institute has been paying off.  As you probably know about me, I was pretty skeptical when it came to the marketing ideas that you had for my practice.  But I stayed the course and it has been producing results!!  You have been terrific to work with and extremely helpful.  I thought you would like to hear about the good job that Pride Institute has done for me- probably a tough customer!!”

- Jeff Grimley, DDS