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A Little Bit About Pride Institute

We fulfill desired results!

Since 1974, The Pride Institute’s vision is to significantly impact the lives of dentists, their teams and their patients by delivering the finest information and counsel in every aspect of practice management.

Through products, programs and consulting/coaching services, we provide immediate and long-term solutions in: leadership, team communication, strategic planning, operational systems, patient management, marketing and transitions.


With decades of focus on extensive research and development, our team of experts continually strives to deliver the very best through new models and new methods that create new success for our dental community.

We provide today’s successful dentists and teams:

  • The finest and most impactful dental practice management training
  • Immediately applicable CE seminars
  • Unparalleled, one-on-one coaching and consulting
  • Innovative, system focused products, webinars and training manuals

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Pride Institute’s time proven systems and strategies propel practices to the next level faster and forever.

With our comprehensive, cutting-edge approach to practice management, Pride clients can expect:

  • A 30 - 40% increase in ROI in just 6-12 months
  • Long term exponential growth in the millions
  • An immediate decrease in stress and an increase in balance and happiness, because they feel in control of the business
  • A happy, productive motivated team that is inspired to grow and improve
Pride Institute means expert insight.

At Pride Institute, we are a team of experts who are recognized nationally and internationally as leaders in our respective fields. Our collective know-how in all aspects of dentistry is the key to promoting practice growth and sustainability.

Utilizing our vast content library of published articles, practice management forms, training manuals and comprehensive workshop materials we provide the best models for practice success.

We stay modern in our approach, while recognizing and celebrating innovations in our dental industry through research and development and Pride’s Best of Tech™ awards, founded by Dr. Lou Shuman, our President Emeritus.

At Pride Institute we create a community of leaders who strive for excellence in everything they do!

Our CEO, Amy Morgan and the team, continue to be inspired by Dr. Pride’s legacy - to sense, serve and satisfy the needs of the doctors and teams we serve.

Ten's of 1000s of dentists have benefited from our customer-centric, relationship-based methods by growing in productivity, profitability and efficiency. The results we achieve through a well-run practice are more relevant and needed today than ever before.


The Legacy of Dr. James R. Pride

Prior to founding Pride Institute, Dr. James R. Pride owned a private general practice and served as Assistant Dean at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry. Dr. Pride recognized the unique challenges dentists faced; providing comprehensive, quality dental care while running a dental business.  In response to this challenge, Dr. Pride established Pride Institute in 1974. Today, the Institute is THE leading dental practice management research and consulting company in the US.Pride Institute has left an indelible mark on the profession and on the countless dentists whose lives he touched. Dr. Pride provided dentists with innovative tools to improve their efficiency and enhance their growth as managers and leaders. During his distinguished career, Dr. Pride introduced many innovations that have now become standard practices in dentistry, including dual-entry operatories, 10-minute appointment scheduling, an array of quantitative tools to statistically analyze the practice, and an unprecedented scientific approach to systems, management, and leadership that revolutionized the dental office.

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Three years later, I have grown more than I could have imagined as a dentist, business owner, and leader, and Pride has played a primary role in my development.

-Dr. Joey Troupe

“Solutions For Every Stage of Your Career”

Who Should Work With Pride

Pride Institute specializes in crafting strategic, customized solutions for your unique practice.  

Whether you are:

  • a new dentist wanting to leap ahead of the competition with a head start on your practice’s performance
  • a mid-stride dentist seeking to reach your practice’s peak performance
  • a mid-stride dentist seeking to gain advantage over the competition and economic forces that often may seem beyond your control
  • a dentist near to transition in the next 6 months to 5 years

Pride Institute’s curriculum provides the tools necessary to control your leap into success.

With time-proven techniques that have helped thousands of practices achieve their desired goals, Pride Institute’s curriculum is customizable for each practice’s unique needs.

We also recognize that success isn’t always measured in dollars. Pride Institute’s curriculum provides flexibility to achieve your personal goals:

  • gain better work-life balance
  • make a change in your practice, even if you are uncertain as to which changes and where to begin
  • have more time for family