Why Practice Management Training?

Your patients deserve the best in both dental care and service.  You need best practice systems and communication skills to make that happen!

Working with Pride you will learn:

  • how to take control of your business, while still being the best clinician
  • business skills they didn’t teach you in dental school and apply them so that you can be productive, profitable and happy.
  • to educate, motivate and inspire your team through effective leadership


What gets in the way?

What about the cost? Will there be a real return on my investment and how long will it take?

Every office is unique. Doctors choose Pride because they want to be more profitable, balanced, and efficient or are already successful and choose continuous improvement. During the discovery phase, goals for ROI are established and a customized strategy is created in order to make your goals a reality. No matter what stage your practice may be in, your goals for return on investment will be met when you work with Pride.


I don’t have time to manage the practice, I’m busy enough as it is.

When approaching practice management solutions, the leap of faith is to believe that the result will be working smarter, not harder. A focused team with effective systems becomes more efficient and effective. Hidden time wasters are eradicated, freeing up the doctor in significant ways.


How can I trust that this will work for me and my circumstances?

 Every office is unique, which is why all of our solutions start with co-discovery and a customized plan of action.


I may not like my practice as it is, but I fear that changes might make it worse.

We all know that change resistance creates analysis paralysis and inertia. The pain of not changing has to far outweigh the potential pain of the change in order for progress to occur. Partnering with the doctor and team to create sudden impact priority solutions that have immediate results help the practice to embrace long term change, because they’ve seen demonstrated return.