Leading from the Rooftops with Scott Mann

A Better Way for Dentists to Connect and Lead

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Learn to create a practice that is productive, efficient, stress-free and rewarding! 

The key to inspiring team members and patients “to want to do what you want them to do” is to develop the communication skills that lead to stronger connections and deeper relationships! At 2016’s Pride Leadership Summit, our alumni doctors learned to enhance these vital skills through the teachings of a true master of influence, Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Scott Mann, US Army Green Beret.

As a Green Beret, Scott was responsible for finding common ground in the most escalated conflicts by building relationships of trust and collaboration with tribal leaders in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Through powerful personal stories, Scott took us on a journey and showed each of us how to bridge cultural gaps and create working consensus through what he calls “Rooftop Leadership.” Although the dental office is not a war zone, it can sometimes feel that way!

Every single participant was inspired to be a better communicator, a more authentic leader and to share our stories. This impactful experience is something we want to share with the rest of our community. Join Scott Mann and the Pride team for a one-day workshop with customized activities that relate to your dental practice experiences.  You too will be inspired to new levels of authenticity, influence and impact for all those you touch!

You will learn:

  • To be fully aware of any and all emerging challenges in your path to success
  • How to leverage the power of human connection to bridge trust and inspire cooperation
  • How to use the art of storytelling in team leadership and patient management
  • How to apply the powerful skills of Rooftop Leadership to get the results you want both personally and professionally.


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Novato, CA  March 11, 2017 | Click Here to Register Now!

Novato, CA  July 22, 2017 | Click Here to Register Now!


Participants in this lecture course receive 7 hours of continuing education credit from the Academy of General Dentistry.


"Trust is eroding around us every day. Conflict and skepticism fill the void. Do you feel it? There is a way to lead people even in these challenging times that I call 'Rooftop Leadership.'"

Scott Mann Testimonial


"My leadership journey and interest about this topic goes back to the boy scouts. As an adult, I have committed 25 years to the study and application of leadership tools in my personal and professional life. However, I had never experienced anyone dive this deep into group dynamics and convey a most powerful message pertaining to connections that a leader needs to create.  

Scott Mann is a most authentic, engaging, sincere and experienced leader who has witnessed situations that most will never run into. He has a gifted ability to show you the root causes of mistrust and, more importantly, how to bridge over such issues. These skills can be applied in all aspects of one's life to improve relationships within a family, grow a practice, improve team performance, and create predictability when a successful outcome is a must. Missing out on seeing Scott is a missed opportunity on a life-changing experience."

– Reza Moezi, DDS