Liz Armato

Liz Armato - Director of Client Services

I’m proud to be part of a team that helps dentists realize their dreams.

As corny as it sounds, my fulfillment of riches comes from helping our clients become incredible business people.  I’ve had the opportunity to work in other professions, for other organizations and never have I found a company other than Pride Institute with such high standards of integrity and commitment to the success of our clients.

Starting out in college, I was intrigued with the science of Paleontology, the art of design, and business as an entrepreneur.  I began down multiple paths recognizing that I had a natural inclination towards business and its creative side.

That drive towards business awarded me a position at the Institute in 1989.  I began by managing our 120 annual events; from our sales and marketing system, our participant’s experience, to Pride’s revenues.  I was fortunate to be taken under the tutelage of Dr. Jim Pride, who personally mentored my growth as a leader.  In my current position I help dentists create a roadmap towards their professional success, while overseeing our client’s experiences, from inception to exit.  I thoroughly believe that no job is too small or too challenging if the result enhances our client’s experience.

Personally I enjoy world travel, fascinating food and unique wines – all passions I share with my husband Robert Price.  Life wouldn’t be the same without Rebecca and Wesley Price, my amazing young adult step-children.