Dr. Maria Ashley

Dr. Maria Ashley, Consultant and Trainer

Sometimes one wonders why certain people come into their lives.  I know I do all the time!  In 2004, I met a group of people that I never thought would become such an integral part of my life:  The Team at Pride Institute!

Back then, I had been practicing solo for about 17 years and was looking for new skills in management, leadership and practice growth.  Pride came into my office and got into my head and heart.

As I developed into a “seasoned” Pride doctor, I felt the need to give back to my profession by becoming a consultant.  However, I didn’t want to be just any consultant; I wanted to be a Pride consultant. Luckily, they wanted me too.

Along with my practice in Chicago, I now have the privilege of working as a Pride Consultant.   I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience with other dentists on their professional journeys. When I say, “I know what you mean,” it’s because I’ve been there myself as practice leader, so I really mean it!

It is a thrill to see my clients develop new skills that will allow them to experience prosperity, balance and the true joys of dentistry.