Marketing Solutions

At Pride Institute, we consider marketing to be the art and science of being well known and well thought of.  The difference between thriving and failing in today’s internet-centric marketplace is knowing where the holes in your practice's marketing strategy are and understanding what steps you need to take to fix these holes.   

In today’s environment, dental practices are overwhelmed with "magic-bullet solutions" that promise to increase new patient flow and retention.  Dentists need a marketing quarterback to help them navigate internal, external, advertising and virtual tactics in order to choose what’s right for them and what will achieve true ROI.

Pride’s Marketing Solutions assist you in:

  • Reviewing your current marketing practices.
  • Identifying what practices are preventing you from achieving success.
  • Developing a marketing strategy that clarifies which marketing vendors and products will positively impact and significantly increase your practice's revenue.

Pride's Marketing Solutions

"Market for Your Future: Modern Strategies for Major Results" Seminar

Seminars offered nationwide that teach you how to implement effective marketing strategies and best practices.

Marketing Diagnostic

Deep-dive analysis of your practice to provide a long-term marketing and practice management roadmap that can right-side a failing practice, re-discover peak performance in your practice and/or help it excel beyond existing success.

Marketing Coaching, Vendor Management and Implementation Strategies

Tele-consulting and coaching to assist in realizing your roadmap.

Marketing Performance Booster

Live implementation and customized training that provide practices with hands-on solutions.

Video Boost

A professional, personalized video package for your website and YouTube channel. The need for video as part of your online presence increases every year. Stay ahead of the curve with Pride’s customized Video Boost program.

Once they implement the recommendations made by Pride Institute’s marketing pros, practice owners who purchase a Marketing Solutions package typically experience an increase in practice revenue of up to 30% within 6-12 months. They are able to secure long-term success with ongoing teleconsulting and coaching.

To find out more about enrolling in one of our Marketing programs, click here or call (800) 925-2600

“The new website, carefully designed with your suggestions, has helped us increase the number of new patients AND has made it possible to keep in touch with our current patients. Our patients love the website!”

 - Mark Goedecke, DMD, FAGD