Marsha Mullet

Dr. Marsha Mullet

After graduating in 1983 from the University of Florida College of Dentistry, my husband and I joined Pride Institute in 1985 as Master Track clients. For twenty years, I LIVED the Pride Institute's Management Systems. Our patients, our team and even our children were the ultimate beneficiaries of all our Pride Leadership Training.

After five successful years as Pride Institute clients, Dr. Pride asked me to teach the Pride Institute public seminars, “Dentist as Entrepreneur ” and “The New Patient Exam”.  I also taught Practice Management for the UF College of Dentistry GPR program.  I am an Alumnus of the Pete Dawson Courses and the Pankey Institute.

After an accident that injured my neck and back, I sold my dental practice. Although I was unable to practice dentistry, I still found an avenue to utilize my talents for organizing, leading, and serving others. For five years I served as Director of Missions for my church, developing a church-wide mission program and led many mission trips locally, throughout our nation, and internationally.