Management Solutions, Packages & Boosters

First Step Solutions

This entry level service is designed for the dental practice that:

  • Wants to improve, but doesn’t know where to start
  • Wants to get a taste of what practice management can do for them and realize immediate results
  • Has invested in Practice Management in the past, and wants a focused plan to upgrade what’s already there

First Step Solutions examines your practice systems for effectiveness, efficiency, and potential improvements. Through our analysis and co-discovery, together we’ll determine areas of focus, creating an action plan to positively affect your priority challenge and opportunity. Once the action plan is established and training is delivered, your consultant will review with you any future service recommendations.


“You can learn a lot on how to improve your practice!”  - Dr. Brad Welsh

“Pride helped us identify areas of growth within our practice, and then developed plans to bring about impactful change.” - Michael S. Austin MBA, Group Administrator, Southern AZ Endodontics


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Strategic Planning Package

This Strategic Planning Package is designed for the leaders of the practice who:

  • Want to establish a clear vision and statistical goals in order to establish a foundation and culture that supports growth and success through all stages of practice life.
  • Are interested in a comprehensive analysis and priority recommendations for growth and improvement in all aspects of their practice.
  • Want to start their journey in mastering the art of leadership and team management.

This package helps you analyze your practice and create a blueprint and benchmarks for success.

In any endeavor, the key to reaching goals begins with looking at where you’ve been and where you want to go. Next, you must create a results-driven strategic plan for success with specific, measurable action steps. To chart a positive new course for your practice and your team, you have to think beyond the day-to-day responsibilities and focus on the possibilities for the future. Pride’s Strategic Planning Intensive is designed to identify your future goals and give you the tools to make them a reality.

“This package and the Pride philosophy will help you and will help your staff with the structure.  It’s a clear way to success!”  - Dr. Lillie Pitman


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Performance Boosters

Our boosters are designed for practices that:

  • Are interested in immediate customized training and coaching solutions in:
    • Fine Tuning your Practice Systems
    • Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience
    • Marketing Plan Creation and Integration
    • Continuing Care
    • Staff Management
  • Want hands-on training, followed by coaching to ensure the training is implemented based on the specific need
  • Want delivery within a 4-6 month period

Performance Boosters are designed for sudden-impact training and coaching that focuses on transforming one key area of your practice at a time. This service is ideal for practices that don’t need a comprehensive approach and are seeking to fix a specific system within their practice, for maximum return on investment.  
Each Booster begins with a discovery phase in which a focused questionnaire and team survey provide us a baseline of information so we can create your ideal lesson plan.  This plan will outline our recommended 1 ½ training day along with consulting and webinars to assure integration.  


“It’s all about the implementation.  The best part is the staff become involved in the success
of the practice!”
Adam Vitelli, DMD

“Pride has gotten us out of our comfort zone and inspired us to dream bigger and it works. I found my leadership voice.” - Sharon St Pierre, Office Manager for Dr. Brett Sperbeck


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Master Track Year 1 – Foundations in Practice Management

Become a master through Pride Institute’s coaching and education

Delivered over a 12 month period, Master Track I followed by Master Track II are the definitive programs that provide comprehensive consulting and education, building the foundation for the ideal business culture for your practice.

The first program, Master Track I: Foundations of Practice Management helps you build a culture with strong leadership, staff management, turn-key practice systems and enhanced patient relationships.

Master Track is designed for doctors and their teams who want to:

  • Approach practice management comprehensively.
  • Set a strong foundation in staff management, operating systems, goal setting that will support the practice for a lifetime.

Fully train your leaders on:

  • Effective feedback and coaching
  • Compensation and reward systems
  • Vision setting and application
  • Annual plan goal setting and strategies
  • Creating a culture that sustains success

Fully train your team on:

  • Managing your operational systems
  • Customer service that surprises and delights
  • Communication skills that influence patients to say yes to treatment, that are committed to their care, and refer others
  • Team dynamics resulting in desired morale
  • Effective staff meetings that solves issues and moves the practice forward


“In the first 5 years of our association with Pride, our production and collections would increase each year at a
rate of 30-35% annually.” - 
Kathy and Kent Splaingard, DDS


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Pride Success Story:

I was a Master Track client of Pride Institute approximately 15 years ago. For many years I continued to participate in Alumni activities, including taking my team to Advanced Team Trainings. Over the past several years I have, as Jim Pride used to say, “regressed to the mean”.  I had stopped looking at my numbers every month and we had finally reached a plateau in production for a couple of years.

Last year was very chaotic as three of my long term employees got pregnant, one after the other, so that we always had at least one temp working at all times. Systems and morale fell apart as I, and my team, were overworked and stressed out.  I reached out to Pride Institute for help and decided to enter the “Fine Tuning the Systems Performance Booster” Program.

With in three months, production was back up after a really bad year in 2014. There was definitely a solid ROI on the investment of the Performance Booster. The team is now working together again and all are excited. The systems are running well again.

After three months:

YTD Total Office Production was OVER goal by 2%.

YTD Dr. Production was OVER goal by 2%.

YTD Hygiene Production was on goal.

We were adding another 1/2 day of hygiene since we had become so booked up.

After averaging 4 new patients per month in 2014, we set a goal to double that in 2015 to 8 per month. We had 8 in January, 3 in Feb, and had 8 scheduled in March.

Now, almost a year later, our total office production is now 4% over goal and our collection is 99%.

"My office has evolved throughout the years and so has Pride Institute. It was a rewarding experience to re-connect with a familiar but much "state of the art" Pride Institute that was able to cater to my practice need and customize an Action Plan. With their assistance we now have more Balanced Days in our schedule and have fine-tuned our systems. We have also gone through the process of Branding with the help of Naomi Cooper and the Pride Institute. My team and I are now heading to Advanced Team Training in Atlanta to learn more and to celebrate our accomplishments! "
Lena Fermback, DDS

Master Track Year 2

Now that the practice has set the foundation in year 1, Year 2 is advanced learning which create the “Top 10% Practice”.  We take your business to the next level with MBA level solutions.

Master Track - Year 2 is designed for doctors and their teams who want to:

  • Cement the teachings from Master Track Year 1.
  • Set a culture of self-direction, continuous improvement, empowerment and best practice results.

Fully train the leaders on:

  • Emotional intelligence and how it impacts practice growth
  • Coaching skills assuring positive change
  • Craft a clear path of success through Strategic Planning
  • Creating and maintaining a self-directed team

Fully train the team on:

  • Practice systems mastery
  • Advanced communication skills for patients and each other
  • Reaching consensus as a team to eliminate regression
  • Innovative problem solving techniques
  • Resolving conflicts in the workplace


“Three years later, I have grown more than I could have imagined as a dentist, business owner, and leader, and Pride has played a primary role
in my development.” - 
Joey Troupe, DDS


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