Our Approach

The Pride Institute Approach

Pride Institute training and curriculum is designed to foster mastery through the 3 Cs: Connection, Community and Communication.  The cornerstone of Pride Institute’s approach is to assess, hone and elevate your dental practice team’s skill sets to ensure excellence throughout your practice. Pride Institute's doctor leadership workshops are meant to not only have an immediate impact on your existing skills, but help you develop new, essential leadership skills.  

The Delivery is diversified and predicated on all adult learning behaviors, creating continuous training and activities to ensure integration. Delivered in 4 modalities, each represents an integral part of implementation success.

    1. Leadership workshops

    2. In-office team training

    3. Web based learning

    4. Tele-consulting/coaching

Success implementation is secured through on-going coaching and consulting and through the Members Only forum.

“Members Log-in” access: offers significant resources and valuable tools for our alumni and members who continuously strive for excellence. Through this access, Pride Institute cultivates a sense of connectedness and community among members, encouraging alumni and members to share their expertise and wisdom with each other.   

Pride Institute ties together the tangibles and intangibles success methods of practice management through a collaborative teaching model that emphasizes remarkability and interaction in order to achieve results, whether or not the practice is digital or analog - - old school or new school.


Everything that we do makes a difference in people’s lives.

We impact everyone we connect with in a significant way.  We are inspired by the core values put forth by Jim Pride — to sense, to serve and to satisfy.  These values grow stronger through our creativity, initiative and undying thirst for new information, new methods and new successes.

We attract good people who want to better others and be better themselves.  We work to achieve our goals as an open, honest team of very special individuals who genuinely care about the process and the results.

We are simply the best.


If you are inspired by our vision, contact us today!