Building Blox – Full Set for General Practitioners

Building Blox – Full Set for General Practitioners



The complete set includes 8 step-by-step Building Blox modules, and instructional DVD and 2 audio CD's.  Plus, a customized 30-minute phone consultation with a Pride Consultant.

Creating the Ideal Schedule – Develop a schedule that balanced, productive and profitable and meets your patients’ and teams’ needs. (Includes instructional DVD)

Attracting New Patients through Referrals – You and your team will learn how to create life-long relationships with your patients and increase profitability. (Includes audio CD)

Leading the Team by the Numbers – You and your team will understand and embrace the concept of goal setting and statistical management for maximum efficiency, productivity and success.

Motivating Patients to Want the Treatment They Need – Step-by-step strategies to increase treatment acceptance and build patient commitment with immediate results.

Optimizing Your Collections System – You and your team will learn to support your financial arrangements to maximize profitability while retaining collaborative relationships with your patients and allowing them to say yes.

Telephone Skills for the Exceptional Practice –  Stop losing patients on the first call! Promote and build your practice through the most used communication medium in your practice: the telephone. (includes audio CD)

More Than a Cleaning: Building a Dynamic Continuing Care System – Build a productive and efficient hygiene department that supports your patients and your business philosophy.

New Methods and New Models for New Marketing – Provides step-by-step strategies to help you and your team promote your practice through new school marketing.

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