Building Blox – Leading the Team by the Numbers

Building Blox – Leading the Team by the Numbers



Leading The Team by the Numbers provides step-by-step strategies to help you and your team understand and embrace the concept goal setting and statistical management.

By the end of this program you and your team will be able to:

  • Recognize the benefits and parameters of collaborative statistical management
  • Identify and define the 15 productivity indicators (statistics) that portray a practice’s strengths and challenges in operating systems
  • Identify the practice’s expense categories and manage these by adjusting production goals
  • Compare Pride range norms for expenses and some productivity indicators with your own practice’s “actuals.”
  • Develop a customized annual plan that will identify an annual total office production goal and a daily total office production goal
  • Lead a monthly trends meeting where your practice’s statistics are analyzed and are used as the foundation for problem-solving and strategic planning

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