F025 – Telephone Information Sheet

F025 – Telephone Information Sheet



Create a Perfect First Impression!

Pride Institute's new expanded Telephone Information Sheet ensures every new patient or emergency call is handled perfectly by your team.

A step-by-step series of questions guides anyone answering your office phone on how to make appropriate appointments for new, returning and emergency patients in a warm professional manner.

Specific features of the Telephone Information Sheet:

• Collects patient contact information; reason for visit; previous dentist and x-rays; method of payment for visit; and marketing information.

• All questions use Pride's "benefit procedure formula" to create a professional but personal flow to the patient conversation.

• Two simple questions determine if the patient has insurance without creating a negative impression.

• Additional space available to record information that helps customize the patient visit and ensures they follow through with the scheduled appointment.

How is it used?

Clip the Telephone Information Sheet to a chart and review it with the team during the morning meeting so everyone is informed about the patient's needs and concerns. When you have all the correct information on hand, you are more likely to turn a new patient into a patient of record.

Each package contains 2 tear-off pads with 100 sheets each, for a total of 200 sheets.

For special pricing for over 5 packages (1,000 sheets), please call Pride Publishing at 800.925.2600.

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