Take Pride in What You Pay: A Complete Compensation and Motivation Package

Take Pride in What You Pay: A Complete Compensation and Motivation Package



It might surprise you to know that when it comes to employee satisfaction, it's not just about a bigger paycheck. The majority of employees value appreciation for work done and a sense of inclusion above higher wages.

What about your team? What fulfills them as individuals and as members of your team? Do you offer the widest range of motivators for employee excellence, the things that your staff really value and need?

Pride's performance-based philosophy is THE proven method to attract and retain the kind of staff you want, and the kind of team your patients will love! Take Pride in What You Pay is Pride's NEW complete package about compensation and motivation. It includes pay and compensation formulas, recognition and reward programs, and verbal skills training. It's everything you need to know to have the kind of staff you want to represent you.

What's in our 4-book with bonus CD set:
• Setting pay using performance-based formulas
• Comparing your salary ranges against competitive norms
• Calculating how your bottom line needs to change to afford pay raises
• Creating team-supported recognition and reward plans
• Conducting results-driven goal setting, feedback, and salary reviews

Module One: Linking Motivation and Compensation
Learn the essential components of a performance-based compensation model, discover what motivates each of your staff members, and design specific action plans that excite them about participating. Achieve your practice goals by helping your staff self-actuate to effective and professional performances.

Module Two: The Three Laws of Compensation
Learn the formulas of a performance-based compensation model, customized for the dental practice. Calculate the impact of pay raises on your practice profitability and develop plans to ensure they are affordable. Discover how to use performance-based evaluations for each position in your practice by reviewing actual case studies to see how they apply to you.
Also included is an interactive CD with templates for on-going competitive wage analysis, return on investment formulas, and compensation worksheets to determine your pool for staff salaries. Plus, how to divide the pool based upon each individual's demonstrated skills and abilities. By the end of this module you will have all the tools necessary to set your salaries for the New Year!

Module Three: Rewards, Recognition and Benefits
Get dozens of ideas for reward and recognition programs, as well as the latest information on available employee benefits. Find out how your team wants to be acknowledged and how to set up the programs that will motivate and inspire them. Design an affordable pool for staff salary increases and get your team on board. Important FAQs regarding vacation, sick days, well days and medical insurance.

Module Four: Compensation and Communication
Get instant help to overcome silence and inaction, often the first symptoms of mistrust and cynicism. Learn important ways to communicate in both formal and informal settings. Support a self-directed environment in your practice, and learn how to handle feedback, salary discussions, employment guidelines and performance evaluations gracefully.
There's another interactive CD with templates for salary reviews, employee growth conferences and a simple employee handbook that you can customize for your team.

Take Pride In What You Pay YOUR staff and provide the intangible benefits that can really motivate them to excellence. They will thank you for it!

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