Team Performance System

Team Performance System




"The Team Performance System" from Pride Institute is packed with our best time-proven solutions, developed throughout our 30 years of working with thousands of dentists throughout the country.

"The Team Performance System" will help you with:

  • Hiring the best & the brightest staff who will make you and your practice soar!
  • Motivating & coaching existing team members so that they become more self directed!
  • Solving ongoing staffing conflicts that adversely effect you & your level of customer service!
  • Compensation formulas that make it easy to reward and motivate your team!


It all starts with finding & hiring the best people for your team.

"The Team Performance System" contains our "Hiring Simply the Best" book, which includes:

  • "Real-world" job descriptions templates.
  • Help with developing and communicating your practice philosophy to magnetize the right people to your team.
  • Plus, dozens of valuable, time-proven tips to make the recruitment and hiring process easy on you.

Find the perfect applicants using a time proven protocol found on pages 16-17.
Discover key interview questions that allow you to hire a superstar found on pages 39-41.

Learn how to compensate your team so that they soar to new heights.

"The Team Performance System" also includes "Take Pride in What You Pay" – a 4-book set & CD with:

  • A customizable practice policy manual
  • Compensation protocol
  • Salary review protocol plus;
  • A series of growth conference & performance evaluation templates that you will start using right away to effectively compensate and motivate your team members!

Find out the 7 steps to a flawless Salary Review Process found on page 34.
Learn how to properly Reward employees so that they stay empowered on page 19.

Strengthen your practice using "real world" meetings.

"The Team Performance System" also comes with the "Meeting with Pride" book – filled with time-proven tips and tools for making the most of every staff meeting. You'll get:

  • A step-by-step protocol on how to have effective staff meetings that will strengthen your practice
  • "Team Huddle" agenda templates
  • Staff meeting agendas & action plan templates and;
  • Meeting Activity Cards to help you implement what you’ve learned

Learn the most important principle needed to lead a "self directed" team on the bottom of page 3.
Get the secret for developing successful meeting Ground Rules on page 49.

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