Ross Vera

Ross Vera - Consultant and Trainer

I have been a dental practice management consultant for 10 years, but had the pleasure of working for the Pride Institute since 2011!  I can think of no better use of my career work in psychology, marketing, sales and 20 years in the dental industry.  Every day we as Pride Consultants enjoy the privilege of supporting our clients to make a real difference in their lives and those around them.


One thing we are certain of at Pride Institute is that our systems are tried and true.  They represent a series of recipes that lead to greater productivity, profitability, team cohesion, and personal fulfillment.  But the systems alone are not enough.  I often say that there is just one thing standing between a well-crafted plan and lasting change – Human Nature! It is this patient and persistent navigation from crystal clear vision to the rewards of a productive, meaningful and evenly flowing day that truly gives us our sense of purpose.  In the end, it’s not about systems and business. It’s about people!


And at home, it’s also about the people!  I live in Westlake Village California with my wonderful wife Erin, amazing 6 and 4 year-olds Emily and Hannah, and our au pair Carolina from Brazil.  Rounding out the Vera men are Sam and Snowy, two very large cats!  In our free time, we enjoy parks, farmers markets, the beach, gatherings with neighborhood friends, and yes…..trips to Trader Joe’s and Target!