What Our Clients Are Saying

Since 1974, Pride Institute has helped tens of thousands of dentists achieve both their short-term objectives as well as their long-term goals.  

Pride provides each doctor and their staff with the tools and skills necessary to:

  • improve communication,
  • hone leadership skills, and
  • inspire staff and patients to expect more from themselves and the practice.

The result is priceless: increased profitability and a positive, well managed work environment.


See what others have to say about their experience, as a result of hiring Pride Institute to impact their profitability and happiness, resulting in piece of mind.


“I became a client with Pride Institute in 1995 because of their exceptional reputation for helping dentists to lead and learn to manage the business of our practice. I have stayed with Pride for 20 years now, because my experience with these things have been even better than my high expectations and it has paid huge dividends for my team members and me.”

Brien Harvey, DDS

Tucson, AZ

Past President of the Arizona Dental Association (AzDA)

Twice named AzDA Dentist of the Year


“At Southern Arizona Endodontics we are always trying to “polish the apple.”  We are always seeking out new ideas and concepts that propel us forward to even higher levels of success and efficiency.  PRIDE helped us identify areas of growth within our practice, and then developed plans to bring about impactful change.  These changes included: 1) bringing current our vision statement, 2) developing a brand statement which states our promise to each patient who walks through our doors, 3) developing new 3-D job descriptions that are both aspirational and perspirational for all positions, 4) creating a culture of self-accountability through growth conference meetings, & 5) revising our marketing plan to include a more targeted focus.  Throughout it all, PRIDE has been their every step of the way to make sure that each item is implemented properly, and has the desired outcome.  As practice administrator I give PRIDE my highest recommendation. There simply isn’t a more knowledgeable, trustworthy, or talented group out there! "

 Michael S. Austin MBA, Group Administrator

Southern Arizona Endodontics


“My experience with Pride Institute continually challenges me to broaden my knowledge and leadership skills as an orthodontist and practice owner. The guidance and training provided by Pride gives us systems and ideas that allow us to grow as individuals and as a team to reach our highest potential for our patients and each other. I believe that Pride Institute is sincerely dedicated to building successful long-term relationships to enable their dentists and teams to enjoy dentistry and consistently grow together. This allows us to positively impact each other and our patients and provide the highest quality experience and care. Working together with Pride helps us create a practice our community can believe in.”

Byron Diehl, DDS, MS

Redlands, CA


"We seriously don't know where we would be if we had not begun a relationship with the Pride Institute 30 years ago. They have been instrumental in helping us to build a firm business foundation based on our own philosophy and values.

Not only are their instructors excellent and their material well-researched, but their workshops are designed to engage the other doctors. You benefit from the experience of some of the brightest and most productive dentists around, who openly share their knowledge.

Every workshop contains valuable new material that is presented in a way that makes it easy to incorporate into your dental practice as well as your every day life.

Early on, in the first 5 years of our association with Pride, our production and collections would increase each year at a rate of 30-35% annually.  We have always had healthy increases  even in the recession years during our 35+ years in practice.  We have utilized almost every form of training available on topics such as how to hire quality staff members, how to fool-proof your systems, how to develop a self-motivated team and how to get patients who are committed to excellent dentistry.

On going association with the alumni and bimonthly consultant calls have allowed us to continue the life long journey of excellence in all that we do.  We are very grateful and regard them as simply the best at what they do!"

Dr. Kent and Kathy Splaingard, DDS

Granite City, Illinois


“Kristine did an excellent job when she visited our office. Her presentation was professional and had many cogent points that applied directly to my office.  There are a number of them that we immediately implemented, with continued success.  You, Amy and the rest of Pride should know that Kristine is a tremendous asset to your organization. “  

Tom Farley, DDS

Charlotte, SC


"This is the culmination of the Pride Institute’s two-year management program which the doctors began in September 2013 with Ross Vera. Personally, I feel Pride’s training has given me confidence, skill development and the desire to reach deeper within myself to grow.  We have come a long way in the past two years in terms of Team Building, Communication and Skill refinement and I am looking forward to the next leg of the journey."  

Cindy, Business Assistant

DMA Dentistry


"I have gained two major benefits since I have been with Pride and Sharyn Weiss.  The first and foremost is that I now know my business’ finances.  I understand my numbers.  I know my expenses and where the money that comes into the office is going.  I also know each month and for the year exactly what production needs to be made in order to run the office in an efficient and predictable way.  I can finally take vacations and know due to yearly planning that all finances are accounted.  Therefore my time in the office and out of the office is no longer as stressful.

Secondly, my team and I have learned better communication skills with our patients and with each other.  It makes each and every day more satisfying.  I fear less about handling uncomfortable situations and have confidence in my verbal delivery.  Due to our monthly monitoring of our patients, each patient leaves our office with a clear understanding of what their treatment plan is and has an appointment already made.  Our team continues to learn from one another during the work day, at our morning huddles, and our weekly team meetings which benefits us which benefits our patients.

Life is a journey not a destination.  I continue to look forward with each change knowing that my team understands that change makes us more effective and enjoyable."

Paige Crowder, DDS, PC

Waynesboro, VA


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  - Seneca (circa 50 A.D.)

As we pulled out of the economic downturn of 2008, I think another great quote could be, “Well, we lived to tell about it!”  Interestingly, a recent review of our numbers tells me that we more than survived—we actually thrived!  In fact, over the past 3 years, we have had unprecedented increases in total office production of 15.1%, 14.4%, and 16.5%!

While I’m not sure about the “luck” part, I am becoming a firm believer in the rest of Seneca’s wisdom.   Looking at the micro-economics of a huge hole blown in our schedule for the day, my staff and I have tried hard to see the incredible amount of “time-on-our-hands” as an opportunity to clean up some of the systems and catch up on projects we have set aside because we didn’t have time.  We used the time to prepare for a better day ahead.

In trying to answer the question of our success in these past years, I am realizing that we treated the macro-economic four year hole blown in our schedule exactly the same way we handled the cancelled 6-unit bridge prep.  We simply used the time to truly focus on getting better.  We hit the Building Blox.  We re-honed our Verbal Skills to improve Case Acceptance. We cleaned up our computer system, our Continuing Care System, and our Scheduling System.   Thankfully, through Pride Leadership training and our Pride Systems, we were able to experience what happens at that intersection of preparedness and opportunity.

As I look back, I really don’t think we would be where we are if it wasn’t for the opportunity the “downturn” provided.  There’s another quote that is similar to Seneca’s, this one attributed to American race car driver, Bobby Unser.  He says, “Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  I like that.

Dan Mullett, DMD

Clearwater, FL


 “As an Office Manager, I’ve seen a great difference in my practice since starting with Pride and Sharyn Weiss. Three years ago our staff was in turmoil with a lot of infighting and gossip and some jealousy directed towards me. I had given up because everything I did was judged. Now I have learned to have more one-to-one communication and by being more vulnerable with individuals, I found my leadership voice. As a team, we’re all focused on the same goals. Last year, in August we produced 88,000. This year we’re on track to produce 111,000 this month. I know the increase is because we learned how to follow through with patients and communicate our expectations while building our systems. Pride has gotten us out of our comfort zone and inspired us to dream bigger and it works.”

Sharon St Pierre. Office Manager for Dr Brett Sperbeck

Chandler, AZ


"Naomi and Wayne, 

I've forwarded my most recent review to you to acknowledge the amazing training I've received from you both over the years.  Wayne, I've always worked toward providing a WOW first visit...I finally hit the jackpot!!  Naomi, I see the power of the reviews, the SEO, and our beautifully branded and redesigned website.  Our work continues, and I'm grateful to have had you both with me on my journey.  Thank you...have a fabulous day!"

Lisa Ference, DMD

Clifton, NJ


"I have been with Pride Institute since taking over my practice three years ago. The dentist I purchased my practice from attributed the bulk of his success to his relationship with Pride, so it seemed like a reasonable idea to give it a shot. Three years later, I have grown more than I could have imagined as a dentist, business owner, and leader, and Pride has played a primary role in my development. My monthly phone calls with Wayne and his annual visit to the office keep the practice running efficiently and effectively. He helps me to troubleshoot when I need an adviser, and he keeps things in perspective with encouragement when I need a cheerleader. My practice has benefited from incorporating Pride principles from the beginning before I had a chance to develop bad systems and habits."

Joey Troupe, DDS

Pittsburgh, PA


“TWO VERY HUGE THUMBS UP…very grateful to be back with Pride after all these years…”



Rachel Anne Day, DDS

Lafayette, IN


"Thank you so much.  We did take away many action items for us.  Now we need to follow through.  For me, [attending] it reinforced that I remember much of the material but have fallen into not using it, but for the staff members, it was a real learning experience.  It also reinforced my comfort level that I am most comfortable with what Pride has been teaching all these years.  For me, it is welcome home."

Les Latner, DDS, MAGD, AAACD

Los Angeles, CA


“I have been a Pride Client for 17 years. The Pride Institute has helped me by coaching and showing me that there is indeed a pathway to getting what I want. Their programs and materials are the most effective I’ve seen in dentistry.”

Steve Carstensen, DDS, FAGD, FICD

Bellevue Washington

ADA Program Chairman for 2009, ADA General Chairman for 2010


“The Pride Institute had a lot to do with where I am today in my practice in terms of managing the team that I have and the fact that I am no longer on PPOs. When I joined Pride Institute I was signed up with seven PPOs but with your great coaching and mentoring over the years I have been able to create the type of practice I once was dreaming of. I feel my satisfaction is not only in taking home more money, that is only a small part of it, but it is the ability to work in an environment that reflects positive energy from my team the type of patients we are attracting and a place to look forward to going to in the morning.”

Sonia Hariri, DDS

Tucson, AZ


"Ever since I started with Pride, it's been great to know what to look for. It makes being able to forecast so much easier. You've got that reassurance in the back of your mind... there's money coming in still."

John Sheets, DDS

Jackson, MI


“I wanted to send you a quick shout out and remind you how satisfied I am with my team members at Pride Institute. As you know, Leslie has been our consultant for a number of years. She is simply AWESOME! We love her enthusiasm and her dedication to helping us make our practice what we envision it to be. Also, with Naomi on the team we have been creating some very nice marketing plans and then implementing them seamlessly with Pride systems. I am very happy!”

Mark A. Goedecke, MA, DMD, FAGD

Mt. Pleasant, SC


“The level of knowledge and degree of enthusiasm Naomi (Naomi Cooper, Chief Marketing Consultant, Pride Institute) can emanate is incredible! I am most impressed with how everything fell in place with the thoughts and philosophy of the Pride Institute. Her core tenets ring of what Pride teaches and shall be of great value in reducing my anxiety. I believe Naomi will become an integral part of my team in the forward movement of my practice!”

Vincent Cardinale, DDS

Naples, FL


"Pride has greatly helped us get our marketing efforts up to speed and attract the kind of patients we like to see in our practice.  After a few phone conversations with Naomi she wrote up findings and recommendations specifically suited for our office.  One recommendation that we found very helpful was working on asking patients for reviews.  Because we had already had some success with online reviews we decided to focus our efforts toward getting more and with Naomi’s help in finessing the “review request” we have seen a huge increase in our “target patients” from Yelp.

We decided to form our own in-house marketing team consisting of a receptionist, two assistants and both doctors.  Using Naomi’s findings and recommendations we were able to move forward with some of our marketing goals with a clear vision.  We decided to meet once a month at a nice restaurant and follow an agenda one of the doctors typed up.  Using this as an outline we are able to brainstorm as a group and decide which goals are doable, which ones might be left for later or not worth pursuing.  After we agree on our goals for the month, each person is assigned one or two tasks which are to be done by our next monthly meeting.  After the first 40 minutes or so of our dinner, all our goals are set and we can relax and chat a bit over drinks.  It has been a very positive experience for everyone involved.

We highly recommend Naomi at Pride.  It’s great to get someone with lots of marketing experience who can think outside the box and help you achieve your goals!"

Heather Anderson, DDS

Santa Rosa, CA


"We are thrilled to be active Pride clients again. It is perfect to be supported by a quality organization with integrity and great people who can help us continue to improve our practice.  Pride has always made Curt and me feel like family and we appreciate it."

Gail Frick DMD and Curt Bamrby DDS

Walnut Creek, CA


"This year I celebrate over 10 years as a Pride Alumni Doctor. When I first heard of the Institute, I was attracted to the leadership development for me personally as the doctor. I loved the opportunity to grow in communicating with my team. I also was fascinated how business decisions could be made from ‘the numbers’.  Well over a decade has passed, and have we ever grown as a team, have I ever grown as a leader! Our systems, knowledge of running a dental practice, and communicating both with patients and team members have all brought me to a place of balance.  I look forward to Monday mornings and the challenge of the week ahead.  My team continues to grow and develop into a well-seasoned, self-directed group of wonderful people. Thank you Pride Institute. Thank you ML for your mentorship and being my life coach.  This week I celebrate my 43rd birthday and feel more equipped than ever in my life to lead my team"

Bryan Griffith DMD

Bayonet Point, FL