Transition Solutions

Why Use Pride’s Transitions Experts?

Whether you are years away from retiring, currently in the market to expand, selling your practice or purchasing your first, Pride Institute's 40+ years of experience in dental practice transitions consulting will provide you with an expert take on how to best achieve the goals you set. We bring honesty and integrity to the transitions process and have worked with over a 1000 clients to achieve their transition related goals.

Drawing on this depth of experience, we tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear about your transition. We will assess, identify and communicate what transition means in the context of your practice in a way that allows you to make the decisions that will help you achieve your goals.

We use our years of experience to assess whether a transition is appropriate. We do this by focusing on the fiscal reality associated with each practice we work with.  At each phase of any transition we assure a win-win situation for all parties involved. 

Education + Guidance = Transitions Success

Education: Attend our "Master Your Transition" seminar to set the stage for you to understand all angles and aspects of a transition including:

  •  Assessing the value of your practice
  •  Determining exit options 
  •  Deciding on partnering or growing your practice with associates      

This seminar with provide foundational education and will help you determine what type of transition is best for you and your practice. If attending our seminar isn’t an option, we can still support you through our consulting services.

Guidance: Our personalized consulting services start off with a transition and cash flow analysis, since understanding the economics of your practice will determine your transition direction.  Once you have chosen a direction, Pride Institute Transitions can help:

  • Structure associateships / Help associates buy in to the practice
  • Establish partnerships / Develop a management agreement structure
  • Organize a direct sale / Draft Dissolutions
  • Straight sales – qualified broker referrals  
  • Associate to sell – If you have a buyer, we can create your documents for a win-win sale that takes into consideration the most up to date tax implications

To find out more about our transition options, click here or call 800-925-2600.

“If you are looking for integrity, experience and expertise, I know no one that is more qualified to assist you in your dental practice transition than Fred Heppner.  Knowing Fred for over ten years and having worked with him on multiple transactions, he is committed to win/win relationships and has the special knowledge to facilitate any transition.  With Fred Heppner, the Pride Institute team and Pride's strategic partners, you can't be in better hands.”

Hy Smith, Transition Specialist