Tuesday Tip by Dr. Marsha Mullett

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Proverbs 29:18, KJV12049121_1133711589990192_885614792486331189_n

As we have conversations with our doctors, in both training and consulting situations, the power of having a Vision Statement is evident. We hear testimonial after testimonial about the following actions:

Writing a Vision Statement is the first key to reducing chaos and stress within the practice. That is why it is the first key activity for our clients in Leadership One workshop. Doctors tell us that just the act of clarifying and writing their thoughts in regard to formulating their vision for their practice is a life-changing activity. Once it is written and meditated upon, there is an internal change in their thinking and in their entire perspective.

Presenting the Vision Statement to the entire team in the “From This Day Forward” event is the second life-changing activity in the life of the dental practice. Team members tell us how they long for leadership from their Doctor! This act of leadership, presenting the Vision Statement for THIS practice, begins a process that provides a sound foundation for growth that will take place over the lifetime of the practice.

Living the Vision Statement in the day-to-day activity of the practice is the next essential step! Allowing the patients to read it as it sits framed in the reception room and in the operatories provides the third life-changing activity. After they have read it, they will watch you and your team live it out before them, from the phone conversations, your written materials, at the front desk and in the operatory. Your team will experience it being lived out as words from the Vision Statement are used by the doctor in encouraging reinforcing feedback (80% of the time) as well as in growth oriented feedback (20% of the time).

Write Your Vision, Present Your Vision, Live Your Vision! Have a great day!

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