Tuesday Tip by Dr. Paul W. Callahan, Consultant/Trainer

Don’t be “Amazoned”!

Bloomberg Businessweek magazine this past week talked about Amazon becoming a verb. To be “Amazoned’ means your business was ruined when Amazon became your competitor.

Is your dental office “Amazon proof”? In addition to our daily struggles of patient care, staffing, business development, etc., we are exposed to a constant onslaught of outside competing factors that can ruin our businesses, affect our lifestyles, and the way we practice dentistry. Sure, we all switched from print advertising and phonebook directories to web pages and Google Reviews, but some have done better than others. Can your dental office survive if a corporate dental chain sets up across the street with evening and weekend hours? Have you been “Amazoned” by PPOs yet?

At Pride Institute we teach Visioning. A vision is simply a combination of one’s personal and professional emotional values that provide an inspirational picture of the future. In a sense, a strategic roadmap of what we want our practices to be and what sets us apart from our competitors. Combined with operational leadership – annual planning, systems and staff management - we create a Brand Promise which generates patient loyalty and referrals.

I wasn’t Amazoned by the Great Recession of 2008-2010, we simply changed our product mixture of procedures, based upon our Vision, when an interest in purely elective cosmetic dentistry slowed. A client we are working with recently learned a national chain that places and restores implants is moving into their neighborhood. When I began to read the long email chain of this talented multidoctor and staff office, it wasn’t full of gloom and doom. They were excited. With a Vision, Brand Promise, and systems in place, they could capitalize on the companies’ business model of spending thousands and thousands of dollars in print and television advertising to raise the dental IQ of the average consumer. Rather than being Amazoned, they expect to capitalize on an increased interest in implants in their community!

Examples are endless at both the national and dental level of failed and declining businesses as a result of changes in competition and outside factors that we have no control over. Develop a Vision that sets yourself apart from your competitors and don’t be Amazoned!

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