Tuesday Tip by Dr. Wayne Pernell, Consultant/Trainer

What To Do When You Are Out Of Ideas – Your team stares at you. You wait. They wait. The air grows thick because you’re the one that is “supposed to” have the ideas. You’re the leader, after all.

So what do you do?
First of all, you knew that the meeting was coming, so there was time to plan for this. In the future, you’ll make use of admin time to get your ideas and thoughts together. And, because you are reading this, it means you HAVE time before your next meeting.

So what to do when there’s dead air? Ask a question.
Better still, ask two! These are two of my favorite questions to get the conversation from dead stop to a roll.

Note that there are a couple of questions rolled into each. Make sure you ask the two distinctive questions separately, AFTER everyone has had a chance to offer their input.

1) What did we, as a team, do really well this week? I mean, did you or did you see one of your team mates do something that really showed that we cared about the people we serve?

2) What challenges did we have this week? Who was the hardest person we saw in the last week or so? What made them so hard to deal with? How did we handle it? How can we handle it in the future? Can we role-play that so if other people come to us that way, we’re ready? What did he/she say or do? How could we respond?

Do that! Honor your successes. Learn from your challenges.
Then ask about other challenges or what else is on their minds. You know that there are specific types of meetings to hold and that you, as the leader, need only run the Trends meeting. The other meetings are run by your team members; this helps make them self-directed leaders.

Okay – go grow your team!
Go lead your team!
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Originally posted on Facebook: February 20, 2018

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