Tuesday Tip by Laura Nadler, Senior Marketing Specialist and Trainer

Are you using hashtags effectively?

You're reading this because you look for "Tuesday Tips" from Pride. When posting to social media remember to use those types of trends to your advantage.

A great way to add a post a week is #tht (throw back Thursday). Post a pic from your dental school graduation, your first year in practice, or some milestone event in your practice history. Not only does this hashtag help you to trend better, but Google studies show that customers (patients) are more likely to respond to personal images than stock photos. These also reinforce the concept of keeping your feeds "social" - talking about you and your team, not just selling services.

For other posts throughout the month make sure that you are including regular hashtags that apply to all your posts: #yourpracticename#yourtown #dentist, and the tags specific to your post's subject: #whitening #dentalimplants #invisalign

These are more likely to get seen by people who aren't even following you thereby increasing your reach


Originally posted on Facebook: February 13, 2018

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