Tuesday Tip by Dr. Paul W. Callahan, Consultant/Trainer

“The Roads are Covered with Flat Squirrels”

- Anonymous

We are already approaching the end of January. What are you doing different in your practice this year to improve patient relationships, motivate staff, and grow our practice? Do you have a plan for 2018?

Name a business that doesn’t track performance metrics – whether it be sales growth, employee performance, advertising ROI, etc., etc. – that isn’t constantly adjusting business practices to meet performance goals…

If your answer was “Dentistry”, you are right. Thanks to a higher profit margin than most industries, we as dentists can do the same thing day in and out, year after year and remain in business. (And we all know those margins are being squeezed by insurance dictates!) Sure, we are using the newest and prettiest composite, heard the latest “guru” on the C.E. circuit, and maybe just bought an iCat. But that is the practice of dentistry.   Great dentists know and understand they also need to be great business men and woman to be highly successful.

What we have found at Pride Institute is that the dentist that is also a business leader is far more successful than his or her peers and enjoys their profession more. Dentists that learn Pride’s proven systems and strategies of practice management don’t work harder, they work smarter. They have greater profitability, engaged and motivated staff, and have dramatically reduced the stress in their lives.

As we already approach the end of January, don’t be the squirrel caught in the middle of the road that darts left, then right, then left again and can’t make a decision.   As dentists, we are constantly bombarded with staff issues, insurance dictates, patient issues. Have a business plan and don’t get flattened.

Originally posted on Facebook: January 30, 2018

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