Tuesday Tip By Dr. Wayne Pernell

Higher Standards translate to delivering greater levels of excellent care. I don’t think you can get too many reminders about this one because once you’ve mastered one level, there’s always another level to get to.
And, if you’re honest with yourself, you haven’t really mastered the level you’re at, have you? You can extend that bit further.

I’ll admit that training at the Ritz-Carlton changed me profoundly and as you read this, I’ll have had the pleasure and honor to have experienced #RCMemories twice, in two different cities. Yes, I’m a huge fan of customer service and delivering excellence.
When a hive of over 400 like-minded ladies and gentlemen come together to create an experience of excellence for everyone they touch, that’s magical.

The employees there don’t work at Ritz-Carlton, they ARE Ritz-Carlton. The vision (Credo) and the culture are clear. The steps to take are clear.

And yet, team leaders and business owners continue to ask questions such as, “how do we get our team to be like that and to extend themselves at that level?” I responded not with guidance, but with another couple of questions: “What does your vision say about who the team members are? What is the culture that you are actively creating?”

Excellence isn’t an accident.

What is the CULTURE that you are actively creating?
What is the culture that YOU are actively creating?
What is the culture that you are ACTIVELY creating?
What is the culture that you are actively CREATING?

Get it?

You must be intentional about the culture and not wait for someone else to set it. You want to have your team step into excellence? Set the standard, challenge yourself and your team members to meet it. Then, notice it when it shows up and reward it, talk about it, celebrate it, and repeat it.

You + Vision + Communication + Action + Empowerment = Culture of Excellence



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