Tuesday Tip by Dr. Wayne Pernell

Hosed up about “selling?”

It’s a common theme that w12109186_1140574415970576_646359663124920177_ne hear year round, “I don’t want to
sell dentistry.” That’s a good thing, because no one wants to be “sold to” either. What any consumer/customer/patient does want is to be informed and, they want to believe you.

I just attended a conference where several speakers were selling their products and services. The truth is that the products and services would very likely help 100% of the audience members. My guess is that, at the low end, only 15% or so went for an offer, while at the high end, a clear majority of the audience clamored for particular offers at any given time.

Why some and not others?
People will buy what they value and what they trust.

One more time: People (all of us) will buy what they (we) VALUE and what they (we) TRUST.

Some of the presenters were so earnest that you could tell they wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits of what they had to offer. They were trust-worthy! Some in the audience already had what they were offering, others didn’t see the full value, and the majority went all in.

Some of the presenters made it clear they were going to have an offer, but it wasn’t clear what it would do for us. Well, it wasn’t clear to a number of us. What’s worse, we weren’t sure that we liked or trusted the presenter. In this case, the larger number of the audience chose not to buy.

The Pride statistics are for you to get between 90% and 95% case acceptance depending on the patient’s current status: New or Longer Term.

What worked from the front of the room was simple: the need was clear, the outcome was put in terms of how we’d use and benefit from the product, not what it did for us. “You’ll feel so much better smiling” is different than, “we’re going to make you a really solid PFM for that tooth!”

As a patient, I’m human. As a human, I have emotions. To get me to want what you think I need, you’ll have to tell me what it will do FOR me outside of the bounds of these dental walls. When you can tie an emotion to it, I’m in. When you show me that it matters to you, authentically, I’m ALL in.

Think about opportunities to touch your patients more emotionally and much, much more authentically.

When you’ve done that, c’mon back here and leave a comment. We at Pride truly LOVE hearing your success stories!

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