Your Intrepid Leader Reporting in from the Middle of Storming by Amy Morgan

How many years have I been teaching the stages of team development?

(FORMING, our-teamSTORMING, NORMING AND PERFORMING). The answer is, forever! I calmly teach at the front of the room that in order to grow, innovate and improve, each team MUST go through storming. Let me say loudly and clearly, you can teach calmly, but when you are in storming, it feels like storming!

Last month, we:
• Hosted our amazing Leadership Summit in Charleston
• Launched our 2016 offerings for our Alumni community
• Were featured at three outside speaking events
• Are in-progress for our new website and to go on the new website we are producing professional videos, team bios and summaries of all of our public seminars
• And…We moved Pride Headquarters from Hanger 3 to Hanger 6!!

As I write this tip from my new office and look out at the movers still moving our now empty red plastic bins, I am humbled by what I ask each leader to do every time I teach! That is to courageously embrace change, stay the course through the chaos and bring your team out from storming to norming and performing! IT ISN’T EASY, but it is always worth it in the end.

Today I hosted a mid-day pizza “hooray we are storming” party for my beat up, but amazing home team! We have all been working diligently to make lemonade out of our change lemons and for the most part have produced miracles. For the last few days, we have all had our moments of “snarky-ness” as we try to adapt to the changes and still be present for our clients. This morning it reached a bit of a fever pitch.

As we sat around our temporary conference table eating pizza and the team discussed development stages, the relief was palpable as they realized that it isn’t personal…it is STORMING! We adopted some ground rules to treat each other kindly and with respect as we go through the trials and tribulations of our major changes. Each staff member walked away with a renewed commitment to our goals and to each other. Don’t get me wrong, we are still knee deep in our storming phase, but it’s ok. We have a plan, have a team and the future is ours for the taking! So for me I can teach this and apply it and that is when the magic happens!

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